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Islands and coastline
coral island /ˌkɒrəl ˈaɪlənd/  isla coralina: The prize in this great contest is a luxury holiday for two on a paradise coral island in the tropical Maldives.

desert island /ˌdezət ˈaɪlənd/  isla desierta: He was cast away on a desert island.

islet /ˈaɪlət, -lɪt/  islote: The islet became the subject of a tense dispute between the two countries.

coral reef /ˌkɒrəl ˈriːf/  arrecife de coral: The first time you dive on a coral reef is an experience never to be forgotten. ^ Coral reefs are home to a spectacular variety of organisms.

barrier reef /ˌbæriə ˈriːf/  arrecife de coral (cerca de la costa y paralelo a ella): Australia's Great Barrier Reef consists of thousands of coral islands.

atoll /ˈætɒl/  atolón: The testing of the first hydrogen bomb took place at Bikini Atoll in 1954.

bay /beɪ/  bahía: the Bay of Biscay

bight /baɪt/  ensenada, bahía (más grande que bay): the Great Australian Bight

gulf /gʌlf/  golfo: She's been covering the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico from Louisiana.

cove /kəʊv/  cala: a sandy cove

creek /kriːk/ (British English)  cala, caleta: Days later, his car was fished out of the creek.

inlet /ˈɪnlet, -lət/  ensenada: The girl headed for a sheltered inlet that she knew.

rias /ˈriːəz/  rías: Fine examples of rias are to be found in some of the peninsulas of western Europe, notably south-west Ireland, Cornwall, Brittany, and north-west Spain.

firth /fɜːθ/  ría, estuario (se usa sobre todo en Escocia): the Moray Firth

estuary /ˈesʧuəri/  estuario: Conwy's river and estuary bustle with activity, with a small fishing fleet adding colour to the scene. ^ the Severn estuary

delta /ˈdeltə/  delta: the Nile Delta

headland /ˈhedlənd/  cabo: A headland is surrounded by water on three sides.

cape /keɪp/  cabo (más grande que headland): Cape of Good Hope

promontory /ˈprɒməntəri/  promontorio: They married on a promontory overlooking the Pacific ocean. ^ a rocky promontory

mull /mʌl/  promontorio (se usa en algunos nombres de lugares en Escocia): Years later, he revisited the Mull of Galloway. ^ the Mull of Kintyre

sound /saʊnd/  1.  estrecho (conectando dos masas de agua): the sound separating Ireland and Great Britain 2.  brazo de mar 

strait /streɪt/  (also straits)  estrecho: illegal immigrants trying to cross the Straits of Gibraltar
to be in dire straits  estar en una situación desesperada, estar en un terrible aprieto: The country was politically isolated and in dire straits financially.

to be up the creek (informal)  estar en un aprieto: We're up the creek because we don't know where to go from here.